OwnDrive - Free Online Storage

OwnDrive is a security and privacy oriented cloud storage service that gives access to people’s data anywhere, anytime and from any device. OwnDrive makes storing, syncing and sharing of data easy. Our users have the ability to store, sync and share files, contacts, calendars, notes, music, photos, videos and a lot more. Listen to your music online, browse your photos with automatically organized albums, view your documents (such as PDF/ODF/TXT), collaborate online and there are additional features available. OwnDrive’s unique external storage feature makes it possible to access, view, edit files stored on Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 etc. unified in your OwnDrive account.

OwnDrive believes in the right for everyone to own their data and therefore we focus on data privacy, data security, and an easy and unified interface to access your data. We take security passionately and therefore make sure your data is safely stored. We are based in Oslo, Norway and data stored on our infrastructure is subject to EU data protection laws and rights. Our user's data is not under the jurisdiction of Patriot Act.

OwnDrive is constantly evolving. New feature and functionality is added seamlessly. We are striving to ensure top service and your feedback is extremely important to us!

Company Info: OwnDrive.com Reginold Alfred Gurinestubben 1 0584 OSLO Norway