OwnDrive - Free Online Storage

You will be able to find more information about support in near future , but for now please use email to contact us.

Product issues and questions: support@owndrive.com

Use my.owndrive.com as the URL when connecting from the sync clients!

Use my.owndrive.com/remote.php/webdav as the URL with other WebDAV clients such as Nautilus, Nemo, Dolphin, Cyberduck, BitKinex, WinSCP, WebDrive, NetDrive and the likes

06.04.2016 - News app has been restored

Some users might need to re-add/re-subscribe to the feeds by clicking on the "+ Subscribe" in the News app. For further help please contact: support@owndrive.com

07.04.2016 - ownNote notes has been restored

ownNote should now work as before